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Why do cotyledon leaves turn yellow in tomato seedlings

Good day! Dived tomatoes, fed agricola. But I don’t like them anyway. Cotyledon leaves turn yellow, maybe poured?

Normally they have places, they are transplanted when they have completely mastered the earthen room. Maybe really poured or overfed. Do not water it anymore.

I will not water. She noticed that on the west side they became better than on the south.

cotyledons always turn yellow, no big deal. good tomatoes -

I clean all seedlings from the south side, it’s bad there, burns, withers. In the north, everything is fine, and it grows well and becomes strong

There isn’t a lot of space ... I keep in such pots before planting in the garden ... the roots are already there, there is almost no land ... and everything is fine ... the seedlings are normal ... water less often ... only when it's a sunny day ... Which side ... do I keep mine on the balcony day in the sun ... then when planting in the ground they don’t burn ... they are already adapted to the excess of sunshine ... my tomatoes go to the open ground ... and I’m tormenting them with the sun and the cold at night ... that would be hardy ...

There is nothing wrong with drying the cotyledon leaves - this is normal, they performed their function.

We are ready to go to the cottage uraaaaa ....

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We have all the windows south. When a lot of sunshine, I cover the seedlings with a thin spunboard so as not to burn. It helps.

Fertilize at least 14 days after transplantation