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Why beets twist leaves

Good afternoon! Tell me what I have with beets? She was about to sit down, and she was all skukozhen. Nearby planted onion, affected by onion moth, maybe from it?

and in my greenhouse. why are all the male flowers for some reason ??? No ovaries ... maybe it's not greenhouse huh? Need to pollinate manually?

open the greenhouse on a sunny day and sprinkle with honey, a teaspoon on a mug of water, insects fly in, pollinate, this year everything is somehow not growing correctly, my ovary falls off altogether and there is enough empty bloom. You won’t be able to hand it over by hand, when I loosen, I gently shake the borage.

Thank you. And the pepper also blooms a lot, but then it fades and sucks why I don’t know ...

pinch the main stem, on the side will go kids. It was so with me, some empty flowers. Tore off, shoots went, and on them tiny cucumbers.

Thank you. I will do it tomorrow.

and how to determine the main stem of pepper. I have a trunk and two branches from it, and there and there flowers)))

This is a technique for cucumbers. The pepper removes the middle bud or as it is called “royal”.

Sorry, this calculation for a bucket of water, huh? It’s just that I don’t manage to grow beets in any way, but I really want to. A maximum of one leaf can grow.

Please tell us how you plant the beets, how many have not tried, dries up (

Thank you. I’ll definitely try so.