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Why the top of the tomatoes remains yellow-green

Why do tomatoes ripen so much? Are they themselves soft, red, and the top is yellow-green?

The fact is that almost all of them are.

Maybe they will tell me something, I once had it, but of the same sort.

Thank you, otherwise I already thought that some kind of virus again.

These are the characteristics of the variety, the yellow crown will not ripen, I planted such varieties for one year, then threw half of the tomato

I have such a Mazarin

Yes, I also have Mazarin, but I can’t refuse it, the very first ripen and a lot of tomatoes and seeds for a long time.

Mazarini does not have such a stain in particular varieties. Perhaps this is due to a lack of potassium. By the way, I read that even experienced gardeners Mazarini does not always succeed.

I will consider thanks.

I plant mazarini every year, I like it immensely 🙂

Perhaps I will also plant him next year. Suddenly, I will be able to grow.