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Why do flowers dry on cherries and plums?

The second year, cherry and plum blossoms so well, and then everything dries up? 🙁 What is the matter with them?


I read and applied: Water and phosphorus will save the harvest. Many years ago, at that time, a beginner summer resident, under quite standard climatic conditions, ovaries of stone fruits (plums and apricots) fell en masse, and not even the most frail ones. I tried to figure out the reasons, but somehow without much zeal and success. Everything became clear after an accidental discovery in one old book on horticulture in Eastern Siberia of such an explanation: in plums and other stone fruits, mass ovary ovary in the most critical stage of stone laying is due to two main factors - lack of moisture in the soil and lack of phosphorus. Do not believe it, but in subsequent seasons I did not encounter similar large-scale crop losses, abundantly and regularly watering the trees after flowering and applying phosphate fertilizer (double superphosphate) on top. S. MAISTRENKO, Republic of Buryatia

And here the plums bloomed for the first time and the trees withered right there. What we can’t understand.

And I have a sapling apple tree "Golden Autumn" issued leaflets and withered.

And for some reason my cherry is naked without foliage, well, there are very few leaves, but it bloomed profusely. Will the berries be interesting? I generally wanted to uproot her. And she was frightened and bloomed naked. 🙂

Caterpillars eaten like a yen

Thank you, we’ll try and I also want to sprinkle some lime on the cherry. Like also loves 🙂

I dug, poured, fertilized with superphosphate, and poured it the next week. Before flowering, treated from aphids and caterpillars. Our dear is worth, there are many ovaries, God forbid we will be with the harvest.

Good luck and next year I’ll do it 🙂

🙂 good luck to you, to us, we will succeed

Yesterday I watched a program about seedlings from ZKS. When planting on a site with a lump of land - transshipment, the plant refuses to take root in the ground, different from the super-tasty and maximally fertilized, in which it grew. That is, the roots reach the border with the land on the site, perceive it as something inedible and turn deep into the coma. So in 1-2 years the plant dies. So cherry can bloom, but there is not enough nutrition. As an option.

Spray urea with soap. Better yet, boric acid. But before flowering.

We also have this because when blooming, the frost hit

This disease

Excuse me, how much superphosphate should I pour into the trunk circle?

I looked at the fertilizer table, approximately. She scattered the whole pack under the apple tree, plum, currant, cherry. Pre-loosened. Watering, sprinkling fertilizer, watering it again the next evening.

Well, about a handful, or more ?.

Well, probably it happened. A handful of wood. We have a three meter drain, six trees grow in one place. Well, I sent a few handfuls there. A couple of handfuls under the apple tree.


Thanks. I will also try.