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Why did the flowers of the cucumber wilt

Hello! Tell me, please, what could be the problem? The cucumber blossomed, and today I saw that the flower wilted and the cucumber seemed to be sick. What is he missing?

Lack of boron is also possible. Only contribute without fanaticism!

And to tear this cucumber now? Or maybe Ovary walk on them?

Of course, clean it. And google about the top rot of the fruit. “Ovary” can certainly be used, but it will not solve the problem ... Good luck to you and large yields !!!

thanks a lot! !

only google about the disease first and only then make any nutrition. Overdose of micro and macro elements is also bad, and often worse than their lack

Now google ... tomorrow I will save

You also seem to have lower yellow leaves.

It happens to me with unpolluted cucumbers, they die and dry out. Although it is written that they are self-pollinating, but every morning I do “love procedures” manually, we have kisses))

Are you brushing from flower to flower in a circle? Or how? )))

No, I take a man’s flower, the one that I take off without a cucumber, I bend the petals off, and put it on the female flowers with the core, as if they kiss me. After that, the fruits immediately went away, although the former died off.