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Why calla leaves turn yellow

Hello. Why did the calla leaf turn yellow?


It is known that callas go to rest, approximately in September - November. During this period, the plant is characterized by yellowing of the leaves with their subsequent drying. If the yellowing of the leaves did not occur during this period, then the problem is different. I will list the possible options:

  • Overdrying and waterlogging of the soil. Normalize watering depending on the plant variety;
  • Lack of mineral nutrition. Feed with a complex preparation;
  • With an excess of light, the leaves begin to lighten. Rearrange the flower in partial shade;

You did not specify the variety, and did not describe the conditions of the plant, so it is not possible to determine the exact cause. If moisture is a problem, be sure to check the root or tuber for rot. Use a knife to remove all areas where rot has come to light. After transplant into perlite, sprinkling the root crop by half.