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Why do leaves of a plant turn yellow

Dear gardeners, tell me, what kind of plant did it grow and what happened to its leaves over night? Yesterday it was still green, cheerful. Thanks in advance.

It does not look like wormwood, it resembles a chrysanthemum on sheets, and it has the property of “rusting”

this is wormwood Chernobylnik. tear a leaf-sniff, he gives a little bitterness)

I rip her off without hesitation


Wormwood. Open leaf in hands and smell

Yeah, but if it grows out, then you can pull out the figs, if only with an ax.

This happens from moisture, it is a fungal infection. Wormwood - plants of arid regions.

this is definitely a weed, which then gives such a root system that you will uproot! But wormwood is actually not at all like that! She has bright leaves!

here are two common wormwood)