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Help me choose the material and what to make the pool

At our dacha, we uprooted two trees, and my wife and I thought for a long time what to plant or build there. A neighbor threw an excellent idea for us to build a small pond and decorate it with figurines. I want to know from you dear friends, what is the best way to make a concrete pool under a pond or buy a ready-made plastic one?


A polycarbonate pool is, of course, easier to arrange. If you are solely for decoration, do not take the big one. Keep in mind that the water in it will be stagnant, i.e. E. It can rot and bloom. To replace the water, the water will need to be drained somewhere, with a large volume it is not easy. In general, you can combine business with pleasure, take water for irrigation and add fresh water. You can calculate in advance how much water you need and make a pond of this size.