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Glass pent roof for a terrace

Hello! There is a terrace that is attached to the house. The size of the terrace is 6x3 m. I would like to create a glass pent roof, but taking into account the fact that the terrace should be warm (heated). What is the best way to implement this idea?


Here, as well as for a regular roof, it is necessary to think through a drain and cleaning from snow. It is better to choose double-glazed windows from tempered glass as the material. The terrace will be warm, but it will be cold outside in winter. Here, a thermal shock of glass can occur, and it can break, double-glazed windows must be made of tempered glass and laminated glass triplex. Next, you need a reliable design for mounting, preferably metal, after installation it is necessary to process with sealants. It seems to me that in this case it is better for you to resort to the help of specialists.