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Is it worth planting hydrangeas in open ground (Chelyabinsk region)

Good afternoon, dear gardeners! I got young hydrangeas, the height is no more than 15 cm. What should I do with them: whether to plant in the garden, will they be able to grow enough to winter in the Chelyabinsk region? Or in a large pot to transplant and leave to live at home? Many thanks to those who care.

I planted hydrangea even less that year. Overwintered, all is well :-).

Thanks. I will look for a place after the threat of frost.

There are different varieties of hydrangeas, it is generally necessary to find out if you have a street or a room, and the street ones are also different, some shelter, some not. On the label the name, if there is no description - look in nete.

Large leaf like on the label.

Here's what they advise about it: The method of flat dry sheltering of a hydrangea bush for the winter A reliable way of wintering large-leaved hydrangea under a flat dry shelter, which I have repeatedly tested in practice, is quite simple and consists of four steps: 1. In October, I lay out a hydrangea bush with the “sun”, i.e. E. I tilt and place shoots along the diameter of the bush. 2. I pour a bucket of peat in the center of the stacked bush (if there is no peat, pour at least garden soil). Mulching the base of a hydrangea bush protects its roots from winter cold. 3. I cover the spread hydrangea bush with lutrasil first and then with foliage and film. 4. From above, I press the film with bricks and boards, so as not to scatter. In the spring, I remove this shelter from the hydrangea bush, when the sun begins to significantly warm in late April. Released shoots themselves will rise over time. The described method of wintering large-leaved hydrangea is guaranteed to preserve the flower buds that it laid at the ends of last year's shoots.

Yes, large-leafed. Thank you very much for the information. Very helpful.

On the boxes written street to minus 15 degrees

Well, that’s what I’ve planted on a familiar room on the street, and then I was surprised that I was cold

Panicle and tree hydrangea winter without shelter, while others freeze in winter and do not bloom on newly grown shoots.

Well, I have a large leaf. I'll try to grow. For the winter I will thoroughly cover and warm.