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The subtleties of growing smoking tobacco

Gardeners and a boy 🙂 How many of you smoke tobacco? what varieties? otherwise I only know 5 grades and that’s it. Can anyone tell me what subtleties?

I landed them in May, before that I dived

And where do they sell such seeds

Last year I planted shag, they sprout well, grew to a meter

Seeds sell where the seeds 🙂 I took a variety of Virginia and Havanna) but this is quality tobacco) cigars are twisted from it) and for a simple really shag)

Do you ferment yourself? She also wanted to grow a husband 🙂 But what to do next with him, after he grows up, is not very clear.

We just dried one batch in the bath, and hung the other one by thread and hung it over the ceiling in a warm place. And it worked out well.

This year I’m trying, but he doesn’t like something. He got up amicably and lay down amicably, he planted more seeds and put them on the battery

I’m planting for the first time, the variety is Anniversary new 142. I don’t know what will happen next.

And when planted? super tobacco

Planted in March, I don’t remember the exact number (I’m sitting on maternity leave with a seven-month-old baby, so for me all the days are like groundhog day!)