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Growing raspberries and blueberries - how to do it right

Good day! I have a few questions on crops like raspberries and blueberries.
1. Is it possible to cultivate these crops in hydroponics and will the yield and maturity of bushes for fruiting increase from this?
2. What is the average yield of these crops from 1 ha?
3. What is the frequency of their ripening, provided that they will be all year in the conditions necessary for their ripening (ie, without changes in weather, t, humidity, etc.)?
4. How many bushes can be planted per 1 ha?
5. I read that blueberries grow for 7-8 years and bear fruit only for 11-12 years, is this true? if so, is it possible to buy bushes ready for fruiting and plant them? the same thing with raspberries, is it possible to plant already mature plants?
I would be grateful for your reply, with respect, Alexander


Good day! Of course, it is possible to grow raspberries and blueberries in hydroponics. They show high results in yield if proper care is provided and the necessary varieties are selected, because not all plants bear fruit equally in open and closed ground. Raspberries can grow in hydroponics with a large number of bushes, while blueberries are more suitable for small hydroponics. Average yield is an individual issue. Depends on the variety, soil quality, fertilizers. If you have never dealt with hydroponics, it is better to get advice from an experienced specialist.