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Growing pine.

Two times they tried to plant a pine on a garden plot. A seedling was taken nearby in a small forest, there are many of them, they grow from cones themselves. But for some reason, the seedlings do not take root, they dry out although they dug them out with the ground. How to care for such seedlings?


Olesya, pine seedlings dug in the forest often do not take root and die during the year of transplantation. The reason is not in compliance with agricultural technology. It is advisable to buy a seedling in a nursery, they are more adapted to artificial care. If you have no opportunity to buy, then try to grow from seeds. Such seedlings have the highest survival rate. However, you can try your own way. I will advise how to avoid the death of a seedling, and to plant correctly:

  1. Digging for transplantation is better in early spring or late summer.
  2. Choose a seedling with a height of not more than 30 cm, the smaller the age, the greater the chance of adaptation in a new place.
  3. Dig a seedling, with a large lump of earth, trying to injure the roots as little as possible.
  4. Grab the soil from the remaining pit with you. Use it to prepare the pit for transplantation.
  5. Plant only on a slope and on drainage at least 15-20 cm thick.
  6. Remember which side the pine grew to the north and replanting do not forget to plant the same side.