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Why marigold leaves turn black

Good day! I landed marigolds in the ground. On one bed, for some reason, the leaves turn black. Because of which?

It was cooling or because of the difference in the conditions of growing at home and in the ground

No, it’s only on one bed, on the next one all green! There was no severe cooling, before they landed for a week they sat in boxes

They also behave in me, it's okay (acclimatization)

Marina, Leaves can get dark, for several reasons. Cooling; Difference, night and daytime temperatures; Did not like the soil; Excess fertilizer. It is necessary to pour epin, once. It is anti-stress, 10 drops per 10 liters. Faster to recover.


Tear off and don't bother

I also blackened, a variety of red brocade, the rest are normal.

It's okay, mine too have sunk in the sun, a couple of weeks have passed and grow well with green leaves

I agree with the girls. Nothing wrong. Acclimatization :-). Mine has already gone through this. Are blooming.

Many thanks!