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Why Brussels sprouts are bitter

You can always decorate a festive dish with small cabbage of Brussels sprouts, and it’s very tasty to the table. But sometimes, after cooking, there is a certain bitterness in the cabbage. Where is she from? Are these varietal properties or improper plant care? Or maybe it depends on the method of preparation?


Bitterness is most likely a highlight, the main feature of Brussels sprouts. Much also depends on the variety. Some varieties of Brussels sprouts have a strong bitterness. So here you also need to be careful about the choice of variety. If the variety is chosen correctly, and the bitterness is strong, then the reason is an excess of moisture. Brussels sprouts may also be bitter due to an overabundance or lack of fertilizer. In general, if you add a lot of different greens to the dish, bitterness as it were is masked.