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Why does strawberry stop growing after fruit setting

Who will tell you what about strawberries? Bushes stop growing after fruit set. Berries do not grow, and if some have grown, they become dry and hard.

wrong photo!

This is not a strawberry.

This is not strawberry !!!


And I really thought that I have the wrong strawberry))

don't be alarmed, this is the wrong photo.

I have the same with strawberries. There are two versions. First: grabbed it with frost, then young leaves grew. The second: a fungal disease, because the dried leaves are speckled. Well, or both stories at once. Poor watering is excluded, the abyss of heaven flooded

This is a strawberry tick - 100%. It is necessary to process fufanon.

exactly such a photo from above, asking what it is ...

Friends, the photo is not mine, the moderators mixed up, I post the photo of my sick strawberry ... Thanks for the answers!