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Why rusty spots appeared on birch leaves

Tell me, please, what about the birch? Rusty spots appeared on the leaves. Thanks in advance.

Love-Nadia. Nicely?

Thanks for the name of the flower, I thought it was cissus. Cissus has several popular names, including a birch. Not everyone is well versed in the names of the flowers; there is no need to react so sharply.

why so abruptly? Almost all indoor flowers have the correct names and there are folk ones. And all normal flower growers are well aware of what a birch or mother-in-law's tongue is. And you did not answer the question (((Cutting off bad leaves is not a solution to the problem.

Love. there was the same misfortune. but coped. Overmoistening the soil.

Yes the name of the flower is Roicissus (Grape)

Damage is like a burn, leaves cannot be repaired - cut

no, this is roicissus.

This is the same)

So you have never seen a radermacher.

I had it until I transplanted it into a larger pot with purchased soil mixtures