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Why red and brown spots appeared on strawberry leaves

We have been growing strawberries at our dacha for a long time - this berry has always pleased us with our harvest. Last fall, they decided to breed a new variety, having bought a dozen outlets on the market from their hands and planted in the winter. They just removed the first small crop from new bushes, and noticed that some brown and red spots appeared on the leaves, which they had never encountered. What kind of disease is this, and how to get rid of it, who knows?


Such spots indicate that your plant fell ill with one of the fungal diseases: white, brown or brown spotting. In order to get rid of the fungus, first of all, you need to remove the weeds and thin out the strawberry planting. Then cut and burn the affected leaves. If the strawberry has not bloomed yet, treat it with copper-containing preparations such as, for example, Khom, Oksikhom, Blue vitriol, as well as the fungicides Skor, Topaz or Vectra. Repeat also in the fall.