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Why did spots appear on the leaves of the apple tree

1, 2 photos. Young apple tree, such leaves became after vitriol, what happened to her?

2. In 3 photos, the tomatoes were good seedlings, some bushes only begin to bloom, what is wrong with them?

3.4.5 photos. Victoria, too, were chic bushes, everything bloomed profusely. After abundant flowering, I saw that there were many empty. Two days ago I sprayed it with sweet water, and today I went to see who only is not on it, what to do now, I don’t know.

4. 6.7 photos. Strawberries, grown by itself from seeds for more than a year, wintered well, but some leaves are frail, and it blooms very slowly, what does it lack?

Thanks to everyone in advance.

yes, it is necessary before the leaves!

On the apple tree it seems not because of the processing !!!! It's completely different !!!

Well, it appeared just after vitriol

then follow on. But for me it’s completely different.

Albina, I also processed apple trees in the fall, but a couple of leaves remained (I didn’t stupid it) so dried up completely, but in spring everything is fine, new leaves and everything is okay, so watch

thanks, I'll see then

I have a feeling that you spray everything in the heat in the sun and it burns on the apple tree from drops. This is the first. Second, in the last photo very nice seed bushes. What do you dislike? They are always like that in the first year.

they are very light in color and much smaller than Victoria, so I concluded that they are sick or something else is wrong with them, Victoria is already almost fading, and they are just trying to bloom one at a time

In agriculture, copper sulfate is used as an antiseptic, fungicide and copper-sulfur fertilizer. To disinfect tree wounds, a 1% solution (100 g per 10 l) is used, which is rubbed into previously cleaned damaged areas. Against late blight of tomatoes and potatoes, plantings are sprayed with a 0.2% solution (20 g per 10 l) at the first signs of the disease, as well as for prevention in case of a threat of the disease (for example, in wet, humid weather). A solution of copper sulfate is watered to disinfect and make up for the lack of sulfur and copper (5 g per 10 l). However, more often, copper sulfate is used as part of Bordeaux fluid - the main copper sulfate CuSO4 · 3Cu (OH) 2 against fungal diseases and grape aphids. NOT only in spring or autumn

no, I don’t spray in the sunshine, almost always after, we had such weather in Kazan, first the heat and then the rain or at the same time two or three days, even two rainbows came out ...