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Why the Decembrist does not bloom

Good day! Tell us why the Decembrist does not blossom? Thanks!

He needs some coolness. At the end of summer I usually take my time to bring it in before the buds appear, then I carefully bring it into the house and put it closer to the window.

It bloomed in November. After flowering, I shorten the shoots, leave 2-4 phalanges, from which new shoots will go, there will be flowers on them.

Too dark place)

make him the right winter ...

or rather ... a period of rest ...

Bloom. The flowering period for the Decembrist is from the end of October in the northern countries, December, beginning of January. The flowers bloom in one to two days, due to the huge number of buds the bloom lasts 4-5 weeks. Sometimes the plant drops some of the buds. This is due to depletion of the plant or the reason is the movement of Schlumbergera - a plant showered with buds and flowers, amateur flower growers move from the usual corner to a "visible place". The cactus reacts to such changes by dropping unbroken buds. Sometimes the Decembrists blooms twice a year, in December and in May. The second flowering is more modest, the number of buds is insignificant. The rest period. In order for the schlumbergera to bloom profusely, she needs a rest period. Short daylight hours, lowered to + 13-15 degrees and insignificant watering. Plant growth ceases and flower buds are laid at this time. If the plant lives on the balcony in the summer, from the end of August until the end of September (in the absence of frost in September), provide it with very poor watering - a little bit once a week. Move the room for winter maintenance to the best appearance of buds. Increase watering gradually, resume fertilizing.

In order for the Decembrist to bloom, he does not need to touch it, do not touch it at all, let it stand all the time in one place, without drafts, without spraying, without frequent watering. Forget about him, and he will delight you with gorgeous flowering. He does not need a lot of sun, better on the east or west side, watering is very moderate, and spraying is not frequent, but better than showers, in summer more often, in spring and autumn once every two months, and in winter - peace.

I got fat, scolded, gave three buds and froze again.

There is an opportunity to “make” the Decembrist blossom, the method itself consists in shock therapy. First of all, stop feeding and watering for three weeks, also ensure the flower is darkened and the content temperature drops to + 10C. This will be a period of "rest." After the time, gradually normalize the content to the usual agricultural technology. Feed, water (shower), normalize the temperature to + 22-24C. This method activates the budding and subsequent rapid flowering of the Decembrist.

The Decembrist may refuse to bloom if he has few new shoots and they are weak.

It is also very sensitive to overflow and cold soil. If it’s cool, water it less often and only with warm water.

And check that the Decembrist stood in one place, do not move and rotate it. But make sure that it is not in a draft.