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Why zucchini does not grow

Good day!

Planted zucchini in the garden. I grew them up to this house in seedlings in special glasses for seedlings, in which you can then plant plants in the ground, and then these glasses decompose in the ground. My zucchini grows very sluggishly, all but one small are small and their leaves turn yellow. I sin on these glasses, maybe you shouldn’t put zucchini in them? What do you think, maybe you should dig out the zucchini and remove these glasses?


Zucchini grow well in bright sunny, sheltered from the wind places. On loose, humus-rich soil. Arrange a compost pile in the garden this year, next year use it to enrich the beds. Zucchini will grow excellent. For better warming, the bed can be raised. Zucchini does not even require special care, good enough watering once a week. It’s probably too dark for you now.