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Why beets fall

Why is beetroot falling?

Sprinkle the earth. I only grow seedlings in the greenhouse.

Seedlings, because it in our climate does not have time to grow otherwise.

For example, in order not to thin out and not to grieve, which is empty in one place and thick in another. Last year I had to compulsorily grow seedlings of beets (I flooded the dacha in May, I did not want to waste time). So, I liked it so much that this year I also plan to plant seedlings. Moreover, it does not take up much space and time - it’s one piece of land and after 2 weeks the seedlings are ready.

I took mine to the balcony. Before that, too, she was falling, and now she’s cheered up.

Friends, thank you very much, I will take it to the balcony.

Tell me, please, what year-old seedlings have been planted in the garden like to take root, and then stop growing. There are no root crops, one leaf top is somewhere around 4cm.

And then the beets do not outgrow like carrots, for example?

And something is dying on my balcony. Sits in a snail, maybe she’s crowded there?

Maybe closely. Or maybe fill it.

Can. This is the beginning I flooded. And now I don’t water it at all. 10 pieces left! But there was darkness.

Natalia, and you do not spill the beds with a roundup or other chemistry before planting? I also shed earlier, and in a week I make landings and that's it. I got up. It does not disappear but does not grow. Earth is dead 🙁

And you check the earth with your finger. Maybe they do not have enough water. I had three beet varieties. One grows great. The rest is so-so. Maybe the question is in the seeds. This year I myself plant for the first time through seedlings, so I also study. If you didn’t have a lot of stumps left, I would dive them into separate containers (cups, diapers, etc.), digging them into cotyledons. So you at least save something.

I no longer have room for dive patches. Then it’s better to land in OG

I don’t use chemistry at all, but they watered it with salt water and infusion from soaked grass, and it’s not in what kind. If the earth is dead, what to add, there is no manure yet.

10 pieces in diapers will take up no more space than a snail, but you, of course, are more visible in place. I already want to land mine in the ground, otherwise it’s not enough space for her.

In stores, manure and extracts from manure are sold in granules. And also mineral fertilizers 🙂 It is now necessary in the spring for rastishki.

If even, I do not want to bother. I'm tired of them already. Then bring it. Take it out. Cover it. Then open it. What will be will be.

I also have a couple of places on the site where nothing but weeds grows. This year I want to plant siderats there and dig them up. I don’t want to add any chemistry.

Understand! Good luck with the seedlings! In the end, health is more expensive!

Thanks so much for the tip. And the miner is fertilizer. Like Kemir?

Clearly I live in the Urals, it is generally a zone of extreme agriculture, but I have never heard that beets seedlings were planted. Planting beds for the May holidays, everything has time to grow perfectly, by the end of September, beginning of October. The growing season for carrots is longer than for beets, because carrots do not plant seedlings.

We plant beets with seedlings not so that they have time to ripen, but to be able to eat them earlier.

Hmm, I have the same question in my garden she already has 2 real leaves

I, too, already got tired, sometimes of midges, then fleas, then hot, then cold, I did not think that everything was so complicated. Now they dry up, then overflow, and now some thrips eat leaves, as if they didn’t eat everything at all, they almost poisoned the child with the smells of a fitoverm

When they started to fall, I deepened them, like they went

They stretched out for you) to pour in zemlyoks and deepen to a leaf) they obviously lack the sun)

Maybe your soil is acidic?

And I used a fitoverm, there was no smell!

And so I have

Well, I don’t know, maybe different. The one on the right, 4ml. Alcohol mixed with chemistry

Victoria I used. What 2 ml No smell!

This is why does not have time to grow? early 69-99 days. Or your summer ends in July.

So I until the last year beetroot seedlings never planted or heard about this, planted seeds on May 9. But then it began - here it is thinned out, transplanted there, there is no trampling (I plant beets exclusively along the edges of the beds - this way it grows better and you do not need a separate bed 🙂 And last year I had to plant seedlings, and I really liked it. It seemed much more convenient, than seeds into the ground.

In the greenhouse you can grow seedlings, at home why, planted earlier for a fresh and quicker meal, but not for storage. You will not overexpose it in the earth, it will again begin to grow. And it’s too early to take out for storage in August. Everything needs to be done on time. On packages on the back of agricultural companies, for whom they write, there is nothing to do for themselves or for them. People, you went crazy, ready to plant everything at home on seedlings. :-) add headaches to yourself. For a simple question, answer why plant so early. Lelo, all the same, it will not come earlier, and no one has yet canceled the return frost. Again, the soil should warm up. Yes, a lot of things

I experimented, planted seedlings, and the place remained until the seeds were sown, full beets grew from seedlings, and from the seeds of the sprout, see four and all.

Do not judge by yourself, but you will not be judged. If you do not understand the reasons, this does not mean that they are not. Where did I write that I plant beets earlier than necessary? I plant beets for seedlings. SAME TIME if I planted them in the ground. Just because I feel so comfortable (my head doesn’t hurt 🙂 Already a week after planting it can be transplanted to the beds, but last year I transplanted two weeks later (because there was a flood in the country, there was simply nowhere to plant). I don’t have seeds. I plant all the seeds at the time indicated by the producer and I always read the back of the bag very carefully and reviews about this variety (what are you writing to me at all, I didn’t understand?) You don’t need to invent something that doesn’t some generalizing conclusions. And by the way, we remove beets (and ALL in general) just close the holiday season in August, that is. Karl August 31. Still have questions? 🙂

This is what the beets look like a week after sowing (photo LAST YEAR, taken on May 25, this year I haven’t planted it yet and I’m not even going to plant another 2 weeks). I had 2 pieces of such dishes, we are more than enough. There is definitely no need to hurry with planting beets on seedlings; it grows very quickly.

I do not agree with you. I planted seedlings for several reasons: I do not have a greenhouse, early beets, for me this is an experiment. This was done not from nothing to do, but to harvest in June. And according to reviews, beets planted in seedlings grows better. We are all here like people are adults and if we do something, then there are reasons for this.

And in the greenhouse, this is not a seedling method?

So I don’t have a greenhouse. Here at home and have to grow everything.