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Why peppers turn black and rot

Help! What about peppers? All fruits right on the bushes first blacken, then rot. Save the peppers, please.

But in the photo it’s normal. It doesn’t turn black, but it’s spet. Show how it rot. It can be either a fungus or a top rot.

They also turn black ... And they become soft ...

how to deal with vertex rot and fungus?

well, to tear off all the damaged! From the fungus, treat with phytosporin. And from the rot here the girls told me to look.

Do they sing like that or are they still ill?

They blacken, because they are trying to ripen. And rot for another reason. If the top rot once a week you need to sprinkle with a 1% solution of calcium chloride, feed the ash. If the fungus is copper-containing (phytosporin is weak, in my opinion, it is more for prevention). The photo does not show exactly how they rot.

Sorry, the question is off topic. Fusarium tomato can slow down something? Replaced the whole earth, a complete disinfection of the greenhouse, anyway one bush had to be torn off at the weekend. I'm afraid it will go further (pah-pah).

answered in hp))

they sing)

I finally planted the first year, and when my pepper became so black, or rather chenille, I just raised a panic and the neighbor explained and she also asked about it, I calmed down)))