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Why do tomatoes have an unusual shape?

Hello! I want to ask, what about my tomatoes? I plant a garden for the second time in my life, and I have such tomatoes for the first time. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

sometimes ... terry flowers. It's okay, tore in vain, they are ripe Pts delicious))

Tell me, can they turn red themselves if they are torn off? They simply will not have time to ripen in the bushes, it is cool in the evening, night and morning, and they grow in the open ground.

yellow, pink, and white tomatoes may turn red on the windowsill. Greens should be put in a box (ideally, along with yellow or red) in 1 layer (second and third newspapers) and put in a warm place (for quick ripening) in a cool (for long ripening).

Yes, and it’s better to pick off such terry flowers, it’s not only natural ugliness, but such fruits ripen longer, unevenly, cut and eat nothing, slow down the development of other fruits on the plant.

this is a sort of salad.

Such a variety, of all the varieties, only a bull’s heart gives me such freaks, the rest are even

here I have it. I won’t plant them next year, I love when they look beautiful.

I planted them for the first time, so praised, I seduced))) no longer in life)

Girls, do not sin. A bull’s heart is always perfect. !!!

As Elena said, cut off the terry flowers. Or try not to allow such. Contrary to all the advice, as I planted seedlings, I immediately opened both doors and do not close even in heavy rains and winds. They are hardened and bees fly freely.

it’s just that many in greenhouses also have peppers and cucumbers, and eggplants don’t tolerate coolness in general ... And the bull’s heart of many of its seeds has already been reborn 10 times ... Yes, and purchased ones are not insured ... I recently wrote only about Zozulya (cucumber) that, despite the fact that it is a hybrid, it was even reborn in bags ... Old varieties ...

my mother, too, somehow planted a bull’s heart, and her freaks also grew ...

I also read that ugly creatures are born when there is a lot of humus / even manure / put in the holes. The process of over-ripening begins and the flowers are not pollinated .... something like this.

I have a bull heart perfect all. Large fleshy. But a little acid ... and so many more)))

Good evening, I can ask a question. Why do tomatoes sour? Is it because of the variety, or am I somewhere I didn’t give them something, or vice versa a lot of something? Thanks!

Natalya, I don’t know. I'm not that special. Just an amateur. My sweet and meaty))) my husband's favorite variety. Others just don't eat.

I’d like to understand the reason, but I liked it so much! And a lot of them and the battle is not high.

If interested: I mulch a lot and constantly mow the grass, water it once a week, plentifully. Treated a couple of times with iodine / milk, once boric and once with yeast. And ash almost every time I dust. Manure is not fond of sprats in the holes did not put)))

and that someone uses sprat in the garden?

Yeah))) advise in the hole when planting a tomato. Type phosphorus, useful