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Why tomatoes do not bloom and pepper does not bear fruit


1) Tomatoes do not bloom. There were a couple of flowers and disappeared. Planted in May. Grow in a greenhouse. Maybe because I didn’t tear off the lower leaves, only now I slowly open them.

2) Pepper on one bush only 1 pc. is growing. And all the rest are empty. Tell me, please, what to do?

Thanks in advance

Learn the Russian language, and then write. It's a shame !!!!!


shpaaaaakostoyanie)))) or else it will be!

I have an education - a teacher of the Russian language .... I can not help asking !!!!

Jan, tear off the whole film or whatever you have there ... they will burn. Look in the tape below, sooooo many tips every day they write the same questions several times ... and the answers massssaaaaaa

If the flowers are very hot, they self-sterilize. Perhaps you have a high temperature in the greenhouse? And the leaves are torn off only when the fruits are tied, under this branch you can cut it off. But you still have not tied fruit. Can you spray Ovary.

if you pay attention to all the flaws in the spelling, the roof will go. It's a shame, of course, that some Russians do not know their language. It happens that a person of a different nationality writes better than a Russian. And sometimes I have a phone or a tablet that changes the word itself ... this is from another opera and I have to carefully check everything .... Once I wrote an SMS to the head, then they laughed together for a long time)

Well, if in essence the question, as a gardening guru, give advice, I myself wonder why so?

there are people who are not given to do this understand? I had the first year of ignorance, there were some overfeeds, but there wasn’t one ... It’s elementary to look on the Internet and see how rastuhi should grow - the basics ... And just to buy seedlings and shove kudatotam - this can be a child ... Well, how can I explain at this growth phase, that tomatoes need to be aired, that they are not sprayed, that they do not like moisture, that peppers need to be fed at least something, so that they do not look like dead weeds .... This is all the very beginning that a person should know when shoving seedlings into the ground ... He will indulge in a year or two and score))

I have it in my blood))) I can not help but notice))

Why spray tomatoes?

Tomatoes are very crowded (though they were stuffed) and I think the covering material can be removed

In general, it is not clear where and how it was planted, it seems that they just planted it in one heap, well, you can at least read something before growing ... at what distance to plant, at what T to grow, light, watering, feeding, (even if on a bag with seeds) and the group is full of everything every day, everyone once started, the first year from stepchildren I thought I would die nothing was clear and it didn’t work right away that I just didn’t read it, but if you don’t even read it ... why are you tormented and yourself?

what did you come up with ... maybe she’s writing it like that.

and suddenly we’ll help and the man will take the true path, I’m also planting the first year, but somehow from childhood everything was put aside in the brain, hands do everything themselves) the neighbors call the professor because my crop turned out earlier, and now they listen to my advice, but in this situation I can not understand what is the reason? For me so landed and groomed

I immediately saw the reason)) but I prefer not to speak out fully .... The author is simply advised - not yours - well, no need))

Victoria, havalnik

Girls, do not quarrel. This is a group of Questions-answers, not a bazaar area

Once my little daughter went to the hospital for a month. It was fortunate that a familiar Russian language tutor turned up; in 2-3 lessons, the gap was eliminated! “If they had taught this at school,” said the daughter, “everyone would have been excellent students!” Maybe the author had a naughty teacher? Or maybe not given by nature? In any case, sending to learn a language before asking a question in a group of farmers is not very correct!

Girls, when I started gardening, in general, I planted carrots along, and not planted across the ridge. Everyone laughed that I had three rows. But in the same year she bought books and magazines (there was no Internet at that time) and began to read and study. And now I’m studying, but now there is Internet. Before you plant a variety, you take into account the planting scheme, light, temperature, wet conditions, and then you sit down and think how to make it grow. Everything is in the hands of man and the main desire. It's a shame when a person doesn’t want to learn something and do it right right away. I already do not write anything about tomatoes, Nadezhda wrote everything in detail countless times. And still, every day and every other day, the same thing. Dear dear classmates , read the feed and other posts; not just ask questions. After all, people who answer your questions spend their personal time for free, help us all. Do not be lazy to read other posts and many questions will disappear on their own !!!! A special thanks to Nadezhda for the detailed and correct answers. I do not always have time to answer in such detail.

What did they attack a person ??? Are they all smart? Yana asked, so please, answer.

Try to water less often and only from below. For example, I water when they ask) You will see for yourself) do not forget to air and next time plant the tomatoes not so close, and the tomatoes are green, healthy and bloom) patience and tomatoes will appear.

Yeah, by October, apparently ...

They went wild like hens ... People of another generation know the Russian language .... teachers worked with their souls .... and about the plants, I have been growing it for many years now, but every spring I go to the Internet for information ... don't be lazy ... learn .... and say that to whom it is given .... no ... we all learned from our mistakes .... or am I wrong ??

at the expense of the Russian language, I have a daughter of 26 years old and she knows Russian perfectly and speaks correctly. Teachers are good now, you just need to do everything right and demand your children. I additionally read texts to children under dictation, and excerpts from the works of Russian classics. And I'm sorry, I don’t have a higher arr, but the children know Russian almost perfectly, even now they correct me if I put the emphasis incorrectly. Sorry, if a person “scores” for something, this is his own business, if you don’t want to learn Russian, don’t. But you need to respect people who know him and listen to them.

In my opinion, not a bunch of tomatoes were planted, but healed. Remove stepchildren, but not all at once. In the group there are such topics, and in the internet is FULL.

If about pepper, then I have had one for two years. Well, I could not make friends with him. Pepper is generally capricious. He loves a warm bed tasty, does not like cold, damage to the roots leads to their long survival and illness. They like frequent watering, they don’t like acidic soil. A neighbor has been standing peppers in this state for 2 months now. Dying slowly one by one.

You fed them, they are fattening.

And at the time of flowering tomatoes can be planted? It seems too thick they are sitting, it seems to me. Stepsons need to be removed for sure, otherwise the forest turned out, the light (IMHO) is not enough for them.

And pepper in this state will not bear fruit. At me in May they (peppers) burned very strongly. They threw off all the flowers and part of the leaves and looked like in the photo. But good watering and mulch did their job, now there are a lot of foliage and flowers and ovaries. The author, feed your own, it may make sense to tie the bedridden. Hilenky they are hard for them.