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Why did the fat woman

Tell me, please, why did the fat woman go? It’s already the second in the last 2 months, although before everything was in order, it grew for a long time, 8 years, I look after it the same way as before.


Or the weevil larva ate the roots.

yes it’s kind of broken ... If it seems to me, then check the root ... The plant looks healthy, when overflowing, the leaves become cloudy and yellow ... Do you have a cat?

I also had 2 times from fertilizer, then I just realized. The first time I threw it, the second time I stuck it in the ground and went.

It is not broken, the stems and leaves themselves fall. The first time it broke up completely on the second day after watering with fertilizer, although the other flowers are okay, and I just watered this fat girl with water, and it also fell apart literally, and I watered a little, as usual, most likely something with roots land to see.

broken, not broken, cut it and root it in the marked place


If they took a shoot from the first diseased plant, then he fell ill.

And with money you are all right

add sand to the ground and mix. Drainage at the bottom. Water rarely, with sludge. Take time off with fertilizers.