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Why the rhubarb in the snail stunted

Respond, who planted rhubarb in a snail? He’s hacked and has been standing like this for 2 weeks now.

I have been like this for more than two weeks. Only the third leaf appeared. Many stretched out. Whatever she did. Good seeds left. I will reseed.

Of the 5 seeds, two pecked and froze. I don’t even know what they’re up to.

Why worry about jealousy? You are very beautiful, plump. Now, after all, you won’t plant anyway, even if it’s standing, it doesn’t grow, but as soon as the heat comes, put it in the garden, and it will trample.

I have horseradish weed, it is growing rapidly.

I put horseradish in a bucket without a bottom, then it does not creep. When you dig up horseradish, carefully choose all the small pieces of the root - where it falls, it will germinate

Wait. :-) They sit for a very long time. After more than two weeks, he threw out the arrow.

I thought they were some ugly once the 3rd leaf does not come out

I just saw in the notes that several people were going to plant, so I decided to try with them

Look at you also between the leaves a deep hole, as if the third leaf will not be?

I'll see of course, but a little later. I'm at work, another 2 hours

Same. Maybe it should be like that? I plant the first time

I, too, for the first time, before I immediately planted in the ground did not ascend. Probably so. B. We will wait.

We wait!

Good idea with a bucket.

Above Alena writes that after more than 2 weeks he gave out only an arrow, so we have not lost everything yet.

Where to go, waiting for the arrow

But I can’t breed horseradish, they dug up the old root and that's all, disappeared. Already planted 3 times and with small roots and more. Sits thin, barely stretching. But mint over raspberries filled everything, I tear it out, and it further creeps and “smiles” to me with thick roots.

Hello, cheers! I have one leaf of rhubarb appears from the middle of the leaf, it turns out on the 17th day. How are you doing?

Silence and peace! Respect to you! Mine will be younger than yours.

Have a happy expectation?