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Why did celery not take root

For three years in a row, I planted celery in the same place and everything was always good. But the neighbor in the country told me that it can not be grown in one place, you need to change the place of planting. I obeyed and picked up another patch for celery, where onions used to grow. And what was my disappointment when my celery did not take root at all and I accordingly did not receive any harvest. Why did it happen? What was not enough celery?


Natalia, if you think that the reason for the unsuccessful planting is that onions were grown on this site last season, then you are most likely mistaken. The fact is that after onions you can plant celery. Perhaps the problem is in the soil itself. The fact is that celery really does not like acidic soils. Or it may also be that the plant simply did not have enough moisture.