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Why do spruce needles dry and fall

Tell me, please, what about the Christmas trees? A month after planting, the needles began to dry and fall off. Some branches are completely bald steel. There is no growth, the needles acquire a lilac hue.

Pour root, mulch and sprinkle with zircon !!!

For two years they will adapt, only take good care of them, pour plenty of water in the spring, at least 2 buckets for each, for needles - spray with epin, regularly, until they leave, clean the needles that are showered, brushing them on your feet

How did you plant them? With a closed root and or with an open? What was put in the landing pit? When planted, in what weather?

Unfortunately, transplanting such large plants is a risk. They are very difficult to take root. It is necessary to treat all trees with growth stimulants daily, it is necessary to water it if the soil dries quickly and spray it with water (that is, to sprinkle it), if it is necessary to shade it in the sun. In principle, I don’t buy such big ones, I take babies and have enough worries with them (I do the same thing, come to life in a month), but for the whole season they need an eye for an eye. Here, in general, I bought a conic fir-tree for a penny at a markdown - I went out, the beauty is growing. You need to look at such large trees in nurseries and plant them on the cardinal points, as they grew there even in a container (for conifers this is very important). You can plant a tree to the east instead of the west and it starts to hurt. Try to go out, it may turn out, just don’t feed with anything until you see that the tree has grown and gone.

However)) a couple of months ago, these spruce trees were already discussed ...

yes, I also remember this spruce

try to forget all this, word of mouth, nonsense about the cardinal points and “plant a tree to the east instead of the west and it will start to hurt” ©, and then you can easily grow not only cheap cones, but also conifers of normal planting size;) Conifers simply they love the sun (except for the yew tree, it will feel good in the shade); and large-sized / kopanin need to be planted on time. And no problem))

All conifers transplant very early spring

Conifers are transplanted before and after the growing season. Until mid-May and after mid-September; ±, depending on the climatic zone of the country. Coniferous ZKS are planted at any time of the season.

I also transplanted the Christmas tree. The neighbor taught me to pick up soil from the forest with needles and sprinkle around the Christmas tree instead of fertilizer to get better. And constantly water it abundantly, 2-3 bucket 1 time per week. You have a bigger Christmas tree than mine, I think it’s necessary to pour If it’s hot outside, water more often.