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Why do tomato leaves dry and turn yellow

Tell me, what about the tomatoes?


We always spray HOM, I really like

You had to take a picture on a white cloth, otherwise it is hard to see.

Could it be just the aging of the lower leaves?

These are the top leaves.

Lyudmila, you double-click on the photo, it will increase and everything is clearly visible

It looks like a burn.

This is not a burn.

It looks like chlorosis

This is a fungal disease, not a burn.

I would process gold profit

And if the Tomatoes are already green, can you sprinkle profit?

Lyudmila, if the tomatoes are already hanging, can you spray Hom with a hom or not?

Profit Gold is better, it is not taxic for bees, and with a short waiting period, the drug is a new generation, so far, it has no equal, but it seems to me that this is a burn.

Thank you so much. And if the tomatoes are already blooming, you can spray?

Probably the same as I tore and poured potassium permanganate

Yulia. Well done! During. Thanks from everyone1

If tomatoes are tied up, why tear it out then? Feed and all.

This is either a viral mosaic or gray rot, and it is necessary to remove diseased plants and shed potassium permanganate. I did so.

The rest were not infected. This is something viral