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Why do anthurium dry leaves and no flowers

Good day. Tell me, please, what about my anthurium? He has been living with me for two years, before that everything was fine. Suddenly the leaves began to dry and there were no new flowers. I fed, changed the soil to a more airy and lighter - there is no effect.

I would wash

This board rules itself, if not checked for it


I think it was flooded, it was like that with me. It is better not to top up than to pour.

Epin can be fed

and how does it relate to the sun? I read on the Internet who writes that the shadow loves, who writes, bright light.

Nata, loves a very bright light but so that the rays do not fall on him. For flowering, the pot is half lower and you poured it. The plant must be placed in a basin with water until the soil is completely wet and after drying again in the basin. It turns out to drink once every 10 days and acidify the water, spray every day.

excuse me, but you have spathiphyllum and arrowroot on the window in poor condition. Care for them is the same as for anthurium and they will please you

Thank you so much . How to acidify water?

citric acid and even vinegar so that the water is slightly acidic