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Why do cherries fade leaves, and viburnum twists

Hello, tell me, please, cherries after transplantation, poured with root and processed from aphids and leafworms. She dropped the leaves on the same day.

The second photo - viburnum, was treated from aphids and leafworms, she was many years old, cut off sick leaves, a week later the leaves were twisted again.

The third photo - insects.

Help me please!

Cherry and any tree should not be planted with such leaves ... it will throw them all the same ... I think to cut them off and wait to accept or not. In general, they plant it either in early spring or in autumn. I also constantly struggle with aphids on viburnum ... I was advised to spray with soapy r-m. Not yet. And look for ants nearby ... they breed aphids.

I read that in this situation it is necessary to make a shading cap from cardboard, do not completely remove it

after processing, we also have pests twisting the leaves, especially if the rain has passed the chemistry didn’t stop the enemy for a long time; I knew it happened or helped, here’s this recipe. Cut three large bushes of celandine into a bucket of cold water.

At our site you can plant anything and anytime, because it is very humid. I read the advice of an old professional gardener in one of the communities: if you plant 2-3-year-old seedlings, then regular plentiful watering is necessary. Then there is every chance that it will take root. And I would not pick leaves. Better to throw it off yourself, because the plant needs green mass. I struggle with aphids on the bushes, dipping leaves and tops in a soap solution.

In the summer I planted (in July) apple trees with leaves and everything is fine, they did not even notice.

those. those leaves that are with aphids, just in a soapy solution and all? What soap? Household? What proportions?

viburnum can be any stronger than some kind of chymosis, such as Intavir

Yes. I dissolved a simple washing powder. No proportions))) I decided that it would not be worse than aphids from a soap solution to plants))) But I think that laundry soap will be even better. We once lived in Siberia. And a neighbor told us that before us, a biologist lived in this house. She washed and poured all the water after washing under the bushes. So she has never been on the bushes.

With a closed root system, that is, in a container, you can plant at least all summer, they planted cherries two weeks ago, they feel fine, they planted an apple tree yesterday.

interesting, try