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Why do pears fade leaves

Good day. Tell me, what could happen to the pear? There were beautiful leaves, but something happened in 3 days. Maybe you can save?

As your pear roasted in the sun.

Try now to process Zircon.

I also have a request to the Urals and Siberians to recommend pear varieties that are really fruitful in the region of extreme farming! I’ve been trying to grow a pear for about 10 years, I already forgot the name, planted a second for pollination - the result is zero, everything that grows and freezes in the winter! The husband swears, but I do not let uproot, the climate is changing, there is a chance ... for future generations!

I have a forest beauty growing perfectly, Siberia, Omsk. And I don’t have any idea how they freeze out at you), my apricots hibernate, cherry plum (though it was frozen out by youth), grapes bear fruit, actinidia, rhododendrons, etc. all winters well)

grape fruiting beautifully! Pears, like a shrub, every year I cut dead branches, the main trunk is already 10-15 cm, from which there is a shoot, but to form a tree is a complete bummer! The second one is also! This year rushed into growth, but not the fact that it will survive in winter! A plot near the river, but groundwater is far away!

Actinidia winter

I also have Irtysh nearby, about 50 meters to the river, the current wakes up later than others do not, but it doesn’t feel at all, there are few parasites), the norm trees winter), the pear does not freeze at that), I have a beautiful forest variety, took because winter hardiness is good. And you better pick with good winter hardiness, and those that are formed by insoles (no higher than a snowdrift so that the branches are)

I grow apples, cherries, plums, thorns - weeds) The problem with walnuts and pears !!!

well, it’s the same for me), I was already thinking about forming an insole, but no, after a couple of years of freezing out under the snow level and right now there is a hope that everything will be normal, we’ve wintered a couple of branches ... I hope it gets stronger, and I cut the pieces 7 really)

and the meaning is insoles? To take a place for curiosity?) My unrealizable dream is unlimited space, within reasonable limits, of course, and experimenting, contrary to the canons!

a lot of land?

the point is that it won’t freeze out), peaches even grow and nothing), harvest ...) I don’t understand when the apple trees insoles ... aren’t there really normal ones and the place will be completely empty ... so my friends have 2 apple trees insoles, 1/4 of the plot the current under them has gone

I personally don’t have it), 5.5 acres, well, there is someone’s land behind the plot), the summer cottage is extreme, there are still about 7 acres, I have already added wildlife)), I’m building a pheasant aviary)

Well, you are a brazen master of foreign lands, the aggressor is real, but I envy you !!!! I have 10, but so many worthless buildings

we have a current house, shower, toilet)), at the back we will make a survey and put a greenhouse, a bathhouse, a small shed for inventory and all kinds of small things, well, a corral), + potatoes there and the garden floor already)

eklmn !!!! A melon ??? And a vineyard ??? A flower garden throughout the garden!) A barbecue area And a swimming pool, like white people?)) Well, there’s not enough land !!!!

melon on the backs too, i.e. not on the plot, there are plenty of flower beds), for me the flowers are more interesting than vegetables)), right now we’ll finish the veranda to the house and start making the balcony open and there is a terrace under it), about like in this photo, there is a vineyard)), in general, chocolate with this plot that is not ours yet)))

in vain you are so about vegetables! Judging by the photo, the puppy is still! Today I bought ONE FOR my grandson !!!! carrot - it's time to introduce complementary foods, I feel like a fascist !!! Is it possible to feed children from the store? !!!

Mistress of the post and long-suffering pear, please write when the pear was planted?

In the past year