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Why the medlar darkened the leaf edge

Hello. Two medlar trees grew at my place. They are already 4 years old. Last year, a disaster happened to them - the edges of the leaves darkened. Pots with drainage holes, rarely watering. Maybe this disease is what? Maybe someone has experience growing medlar at home? Share your experience, I will be grateful for the tips.

I ate the fruits in a Turkish hotel, and sprouted seeds)))) the land, by the way, was dry today, I arranged a shower for them and watered with energy. Can they make a bigger pot?

If you can show a photo of the roots

Today it’s too late to put them up, tomorrow I’ll try to look at the roots.


Well, in general, she is a decent chowder, I often water my own, slightly dry the brown tips of the leaves. Mine is only two years old.

true? Thanks!

I just decided to transplant but the roots are good, there is no rot, only thin, maybe these should be ...

And not enough like that. A pot greatly increased? And what land was transplanted to? From the garden or purchased? If you need to feed the roots from the garden, if the store, then all the nutrients are there, but you can replenish with drunk tea or diluted glucose. Good for the roots. Or Kornevin.

Only one poured out like that, since not very many roots were planted in the same pot, only new ground fell asleep, it was already with a complex of fertilizers. And still poured energy.

Great solution. We will wait for the change in the plant.